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Local Search Engine Optimization

Local Search Engine Optimization also known as LSEO is the process of getting your website to appear in the google local listings / google maps.

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Local Search Engine Optimization Services

Local Search Engine Optimization is one of the fastest growing internet marketing avenues in 2014. Although Google Places was first introduced way back in 2010, they have only recently started to become popular with local businesses. Ranking well in the Google Local Listings is not easy but it is also not nearly as complex or difficult as white hat search engine optimization is.

In order to rank well in the Google Local Listings we we will begin with our Google+ Business Page optimization service. This service is included in every LSEO package we offer and consists of making sure your page is verified, the NAP is exactly how you want it to appear in other directories, you have both a correctly formatted profile picture and cover photo set, your service areas are marked correctly and finally your business categories are fully covered.

Blue Fusion Digital offers 3 different levels of local search optimization packages.

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Local Search Packages

Do It Yourself Local Search Package

This package is perfect for the business owner or marketing director who would like to do the citation building themselves.

What you get:

  • Blue Fusion Digital will provide you with a citation audit of your business and your top 5 local competitors.
  • Audit includes what specific directories you currently are listed in (Active Citations)
  • Includes what specific directories your top 5 competitors are listed in that you are not currently in. (Potential Citations)
  • The audit will contain information such as the name of the directory, citation authority, whether it is a free or paid listing, etc.
  • The audit provides a direct URL to each of the citations both in Active and Potential so you don’t have to search for them

This package starts at $97


Professional Local Search Optimization

This package is perfect for those business owners who do not have the time required to build citations but want to rank well in the Google Local Listings.

What you get: Everything in the D.I.Y. Package plus…

  • Blue Fusion Digital will provide a baseline ranking report so you can track your month to month progress.
  • We will build 25 citations per month with your Gmail account, which ensures you will own the login information. A lot of companies build citations but will threaten to delete them once you end your agreement, not us! You paid for the work, you get to keep it!
  • You can choose between us creating new citations every month or re-optimizing your existing citations where applicable.

Packages start at $397


Elite Local Search Optimization

This package is perfect for all businesses who want to dominate there market online.

What you get: Everything in the previous two packages, plus…

  • Blue Fusion Digital will do 30 total citations per month
  • Monthly call time with your account manager to review new citations, rankings and overall digital marketing strategy.
  • Reviews Management to make sure your citations are continually updated.
  • Our Reviews Management platform enables you too collect real, authentic reviews from your actual customers!
  • Review reminders are sent directly to your customers via text message, email or direct URL.
  • Capture all reviews both positive and negative in your own private portal. Pick which ones you want to go public.

Packages start at $597

For more information about Local Search please check out our blog.

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