Professional White Hat Search Engine Optimization

When choosing a digital marketing agency it is very important you pick an agency that only offers professional white hat search engine optimization services. The most common mistake we see from local business owners is when they are interviewing companies and agencies for there digital marketing services, they make price the only determining factor. Yes, price is a big factor in every business decision but if you are a company that needs a website to generate business you are potentially putting your business at risk by hiring a cheap seo company instead of a digital marketing agency offering professional white hat seo services.

Any SEO company that markets themselves as strictly an SEO or Link building company is probably not practicing and implementing the best techniques for there clients. This old school way of thinking is completely outdated and can result in getting your website penalized which can include your website getting de-indexed or no longer listed in the major search engines! If you have previously hired an seo company and they got your website penalized, please visit our page on Google penalty assessment services.

Google updates and refreshes its algorithms over 300 times per year and the goal is to crack down on websites not following the guidelines they have in place. Luckily, websites who strictly use white hat seo to improve there rankings in the organic search results these updates will only make your website stronger. It’s not exactly rocket science, if you implement what Google wants you to implement, they will not penalize you  but instead they will reward your website with better rankings.

Blue Fusion Digital believes the only way a business partnership is going to run smoothly is through effective communication, setting correct expectations and continually learning about our client’s business. This learning process includes learning about there respective industries and monitoring the overall online competitive landscape. Which is why we like to create a customized digital marketing solution for each of our clients. SMB are not forgotten though because we also offer seo services for small businesses and digital marketing strategies for medium sized businesses who might not have the time to meet consistently to train, learn and understand the digital marketing landscape.

Professional White Hat Search Engine Optimization Services:

  • Discovery interview
  • Keyword Analysis
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Website Audit
  • Linking Profile Review
  • High Quality On Site Content Creation
  • High Quality Off Site Content Creation
  • Relevant Link Building
  • Search Engine Submission
  • Ranking Reports
  • Search Engine Monitoring
  • Full Transparency
  • Consistent Communication