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Why do you need retargeting?

That is a question we get a lot at Blue Fusion Digital. The answer is very simple, the average Web site conversion rate is a little more than 2% Essentially, over 97% of people who visit a website for the first time will leave without taking any sort of action whether that is a phone call, filling in a contact form or purchasing a product. 97% WoW!

7 Amazing Retargeting Statistics

  1. 26% of customers will return to a site through re-targeting
  2. Retargeting can increase conversion rates by as high as 147%
  3. With retargeting the percentage of users who return and complete the check-out process increased to 26 percent
  4. Retargeted ads led to a 1046% increase in branded search
  5. 726% lift in site visitation after four weeks of retargeted ad exposure!
  6. Retargeting can boost ad response up to 400%
  7. The average CTR (Click Through Rate) for display ads is 0.07 percent, and the average click-through for retargeted ads is 10x higher at about 0.7 percent.

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What is Retargeting?

Retargeting is a form of paid search advertising that lets you market to people who have already visited your website. You can market or “re-market” to these people in the form of either banner advertisements or textual advertisements.


How Does Retargeting Work?

A retargeting campaign done by Blue Fusion Digital works very efficiently and only takes a few steps.

Step One: Choose where you want to retarget your visitors the 4 most common channels to do re-targeting with are Facebook, Google Display Network, Adroll and Perfect Audience.

Each of these channels will give you something called a “Pixel” a pixel is something that we automatically put into a persons internet browser when they visit your website. This pixel let’s us retarget or remarket to them at a later time. Have you ever felt like the internet knew what you were looking for? It’s because you were being re-targeted! For example, if you ever visited Staples.com and left the website and then go to Facebook there is a good chance you will start to see a Staples ad appear in your facebook newsfeed.

Step 2: After you decide which channel you are going to use or all 4, you are going to either place the pixel on your website directy (if you have WordPress it’s super simple!) or you can send it to your webmaster to install it on the pages you want to re-target people.

Step 3: Create some custom banner ads for your re-targeting, this is the step that a lot of companies screw up because they don’t understand the best practices for re-targeting. A proper re-targeting campaign should have a custom banner ad with a specific “special offer” that will entice the person to come back to your website and make the purchase or perform a call to action that you are seeking. (phone call, contact form, subscription, etc.)

Step 4: Decide where you want to send these re-targeted visitors. This is another area where a lot of businesses don’t quite understand the nuances of a successful re-targeting campaign. The best practice would be to make sure they are directed to a custom landing page. This landing page should match the banner ad’s special offer. For example, if your banner ad says click here for a “free seo audit” the best practice would be to send them to the page on your website that gives the visitor a “free seo audit” rather then sending them to your home page where they are going to have to search for what they are looking for.

If you can follow those 4 simple steps you are going to be on the path for remarketing success. If you want help from a professional remarketing company in San Diego please contact our team at Blue Fusion Digital. You can fill out the form on the top right of this page or give us a call at (619)363-5003. We would love to show you our portfolio of retargeting services and assist you in your retargeting campaigns.

The Top 12 Reasons You Need Re-Targeting.

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