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Custom SEO Strategies

A Blank Canvas For Our Most Powerful SEO

Custom SEO Strategies

SEO in 2018 is wild! It is constantly changing and has brought some of the biggest algorithim changes in history such as Google switching to a mobile first index which mean’s your website needs to be optimized for mobile devices or you have a major chance to lose all of the rankins you worked so hard for.

We offer various types of SEO strategies to our clients – for some of our clients we are unable to offer our standard SEO packages because their market is far to competitive or their websites are just to massive or in most cases the companies just don’t want to risk having less than the best so they choose our custom search engine optimization packages.

The benefit of a custom seo strategy is it is a custom solution that is tailored to your websites exact needs and is modeled directly after the competitors of yours who currently sit at the top of the first page of the search engines. At Blue Fusion Digital we have devleoped our own proprietary SEO tools and softwares and invest in thousands of dollars a month on the best of the best third party tools in our industry.

Using these tools we can see exactly the sort of strategies your top competitors are using such as the way they are writing content, building links, geting reviews, building directories, etc.

In our competitor analysis we will get answers to the important questions and see if they have a basic SEO strategy or a professional approach. Here is a small sample of the things analyze.


  • Are they implementing foundational SEO techniques such as optimized title tags, meta descriptions and heading tags?
  • How much content is on their top landing pages?
  • How often are they blogging?
  • How many pages of content do they have indexed?


  • Do they have a robots.txt?
  • Is the canonical URL structure optimized?
  • Are they using alt image tags?
  • Do they optimize the photo file names?

Link Building:

  • Do they proper internal linking?
  • What sort of silos do they build? (If any)
  • Are they optimizing their internal links?
  • Do they have other websites linking to them? (Inbound links)
  • How many inbound links do they have?
  • What sort of quality of inbound links do they have? (Domain Authority / Page authority)

Conversion Rate Optimization

  • Do they use call tracking numbers?
  • Do they have a live chat service?
  • Do they have exit intent pop ups?
  • Are they re-targeting?
  • Do they use heatmapping?
  • How many Call To Actions (C2A) do they have?
  • Where are the C2A’s located on their pages?

Custom SEO doesn’t necessarily mean it’s more expensive – it means we can build a strategy that will be both effective and budget concious. Please contact us today to learn more.

Free SEO Audit

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One of the most important aspects of any search engine optimization (SEO) campaign is the creation of high quality content. What is high quality SEO content? High quality SEO content is content that brings valuable insights to the person reading the page or post – it should answer a who, what, when, where or how.

The length of the content should be at a minimum of 500 words and should be written for people and not search engines specifically. The goal of every single piece of content on your website is to write content that is so compelling other people (websites) want to share it and it could go viral. However, have an understanding that not every piece of content you write is going to go viral. It would be nice though right?

High quality SEO content should be written for people but it needs to be written about the various products and services your business offers.

Link Building

Custom Link Building Strategies

Link building in 2018 is more important than ever! Yes, you read that correctly. There are many misconceptions about the way links and search engine optimization  work together – some people are saying link building is dead in 2018 but they couldn’t be any more wrong and here is why Google wants your website to have links – it’s written in the Google guidelines BUT links in 2018 need to be of the highest quality and that means they need to be relevant and related to your business or industry.

Blue Fusion Digital builds links for your website through a variety of tactics and strategies but more imporantly they are all going to positively impact your website and rankings. How do we acquire these high quality links?

Link Building Services

  • Broken Link Analysis
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Keyword Research Broken Links
  • Guest Blogging
  • Press Releases
  • Distribution Links

Is there a science behind link building?

Google’s algorithim is very layered in fact there is hundreds of factors that go into the rankings of websites in the organic search results. One of the major factors is your linking profile. Your linking profile should be organic which means it needs a combination of “money keyword anchor texts” as well as generic anchor texts like “click here” or “website”, etc.

For example, if Google crawls our website and sees the links we have pointing to us they are going to see a blend of both links that are anchor texted with various things such as:

  • SEO company
  • click here
  • bluefusiondigital
  • ppc management
  • free website audit
  • digital marketing agency
  • here
  • visit them here

We aren’t trying to rank for words such as “here” but that’s just now other websites decided to link to us. The point is it’s not just the main themes of our websites such as “seo company”

Links also need to be diverse into what pages on your website they are linking to for example you don’t want every link going to your home page, in fact it’s quite the opposite we want links going to the deeper pages on your websites especially the primary pages that support your home page. For example we want our links going to the www.bluefusiondigital.com/seo and www.bluefusiondigital.com/ppc pages, etc. because it gives us link diversity in our back link profile.

We use the same exact strategies for our own strategy as we do for our own clients – we practice what we preach. If you’re interested in obtaining high quality links for your website, please contact us today! (619)363-5003

Conversion Rate Optimization

Conversion Rate Optimization

What is conversion rate optimization? CRO is the process of converting as many visitors on your website into a lead or a sale. Did you know that 95% of all website visitors leave without contacting the website they are browsing? 95%! If you are paying for marketing doesn’t make sense to try and convert as many as possible? Why would you spend the money to hire a marketing team or pay for an agency and then not put your best foot forward to make sure you give them the best experience possible?

Call Tracking Numbers

One of the first questions every single business should be asking themselves is how do you know how much of return on investment your marketing efforts are bringing you? One of the most effective ways to track your R.O.I. is via Call Tracking.

  • Record Calls
  • Grade The Calls
  • Take Notes
  • See The Source
  • Dynamically Swap and Replace The Current Number On Your Site
  • Ring Multiple Phones at Once or One At A Time
  • Monthly Reporting
  • HIPPA compliant

Live Chat

  • Allow visitors to chat directly with you or your team
  • Reply via an App on your smartphone or desktop
  • Get a Text Notification when someone starts a chat
  • Get alerted when someone is on your website so you can start a live chat with them

Exit Intent Pop-Ups

  • Get one more shot at the visitors who are going to leave your page
  • Offer them an enticing special offer or incentive
  • Capture important lead details
  • Maximize your R.O.I.

Let us help you maximize your return on investment by converting your visitors into leads and sales!

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