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Blue Fusion Digital has been the top landing page design company for many businesses in the Ventura County.  Creating beautiful and professional landing pages can be the key to a successful search engine marketing campaign.

What is a landing page?

A landing page is a page on your website created specifically to target a specific keyword or set of similar keywords that is optimized for conversion. This particular page will be set up with a particular conversion goal in mind. Conversion goals can vary by business. Let’s review the most common examples of types of conversions.

Top 12 Reasons You Need a Landing Page

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Lead Conversion Landing Pages

Lead conversion: This is going to be the most common version of custom landing page for most small and medium sizes businesses and is why most companies choose to do some sort of search marketing. Companies that do not sell products or services online but instead require a transaction to take place in person will benefit from a lead conversion landing page.

Types of companies that benefit the most from Lead Conversion Landing Pages are dealerships, retail stores, doctors, lawyers and any other sort of service providers.

Lets say you are a local insurance company in La Jolla and you decide you would like to receive some inbound leads for your sales team. You already have a small team of sales people making cold calls, your parent company sends you a few leads every month but you know there is people in your local area searching online for new insurance policies and since you are a local insurance agency in La Jolla you would like them to give you a chance.

You build an SEO friendly website, write a bunch of pages of high quality content, you do some white hat SEO, Google ranks you on the first page of the organic search results and your web traffic is at an all-time high but somehow you are still not getting any warm leads.Why is your website traffic not converting into actual leads?

You need a well optimized landing page that will provide a simple yet catchy message that highlights your companies strengths and makes your websites visitors want to contact you. The goal of this style of custom landing page is simple deliver a message that makes your target audience want to engage with you and make it very easy for these potential clients to engage with you by setting up clear “call to actions”. A call to action can be either a phone number that is a contrasting color to the rest of the landing page and located in either the top right corner of the custom landing page design or a easy to fill out contact form that is designed to capture all of the information you need to be considered a quality lead (Name, Phone Number, Email Address, Service or product interested in, etc.).

Sales Conversion Landing Page

Landing pages built for sales conversions are going to be a little bit different but have the same overall goal which is to convert your web traffic into actual sales from your website.

Example of a Sales Conversion landing page would be a clothing company website. Say you are a online clothing store and sell custom jackets and do not have a physical retail store. Obviously, your website is going to have to make sales in order for you to be successful.

You have the best website design company in Newbury Park (Blue Fusion Digital) build you a beautiful e-commerce website but you decide to do a combination of in-house pay per click management and search engine optimization to promote your website. You have some decent success but you are not happy with your overall conversion rate of a particular style of jacket or maybe you just want your most profitable style of jacket to convert better, so you call us to perform search engine marketing services and conversion rate optimization on your e-commerce website.

The first thing we will do is perform a free conversion audit via your Google Adwords, Analytics and Webmaster Tools accounts. From there we will consult with you and determine our first set of goals for specific products and metrics. Once we have settled on the specific promotions we will build a custom sales conversion landing page that is designed to get more visitors to add items into your cart and purchase those jackets in as few clicks as possible. These sales conversion landing pages will highlight particularly great deals and reviews and will provide the shoppers with clear call to actions (add to cart).

Once the custom landing page is built we will want to make sure it is the main page being found online for that particular set of products. We will make sure your PPC campaign is updated to reflect this change and we would also encourage you to consider doing a comparison shopping engine (CSE) campaign which lets you list your products on multiple top search engines and is a pay for performance type of search engine marketing service.

Product Specific Landing Pages

A product specific landing page can really boost your conversion rate and lead to more profitable internet marketing for specific products or services. Instead of doing a general sales conversion landing page you can get even more specific and market a specific product and optimize that for conversion rate optimization.

This is a great practice for online stores that sell big name brands on there websites. Often times a manufacturer will offer a sales promotion and it will enable stores that carry there products to lower the price for a certain amount of time.

For example a online golf store who sells Taylormade Golf Clubs might want to run a promotion on the latest set of Speedblade irons because the SLDR iron sets just came out. Taylormade was offering up to $200.00 off speedblade iron sets because they wanted to get rid of excess inventory so they could sell more of the SLDRs. A savvy online golf store would build a custom landing page design for this specific product and promote it on multiple profitable search engine marketing channels such as PPC, Display Advertising and CSE.

What Makes a High Converting Landing Page?

Now that you seen the various types of landing pages you need to implement proven techniques that make sure your landing pages convert at a high level. Some of the best psychological triggers of conversion include:

  • Specificity
  • Social Proof
  • Exclusivity
  • Scarcity
  • Urgency

Specificity is making sure each of your custom landing pages deliver a specific message whether it is about a specific product or service. Example: if you are targeting the keyword, “iPhone case” you would want to make sure your landing page is specifically about iPhone cases and not about a Samsung Galaxy smartphone case. Ideally you would have a landing page for each of your ad groups, this gives you a much greater chance that people will stay on your landing page and not look elsewhere.

Social Proof is one of the most important psychological triggers because this gives your product or service credibility. Example: If I were you tell you Blue Fusion Digital is the best landing page design company in the USA you would probably at best think we were full of ourselves and at worst you would think we are liars. However, if I had many reviews from real people that were easily verifiable all saying the same thing you might take that claim much more seriously.

Exclusivity is making sure your landing page offers an exclusive offer, an example of this might be, “As a member of X you get an exclusive discount for Y” People like to feel like they are getting a deal and they like to feel like they are apart of something that is exclusive.

Scarcity is another great trigger to implement on your landing pages. Use scarcity to get people to jump on your call to action, a great example would be something like, “Only 3 spots left” or “Only 1 at this price” this subtle tactic can greatly increase conversion rates!

Urgency is the last but not least of the 5 psychological triggers of conversion, much like scarcity you want to implement a sense of urgency in your visitors. By putting something like, “2 days left before offer expires” or even better a live countdown timer you are instilling a sense of urgency to your visitors.

Blue Fusion Digital is a local web design company that can create custom landing pages, seo friendly websites, banner ads and custom logo designs. Please contact us for a free quote.