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Everyone who has any experience in Pay Per Click Advertising or SEM as it is often referred as understands that Google Adwords dominates the marketplace. According to multiple surveys and studies Google owns about 65% of the market share of USA based searches which is actually trending toward since 2010 when they had about 72% of the total USA market share.

However, there is still other places you can do paid search and experience great results. Bing is one of them and the benefit of Bing Advertising is you can import your Google Adwords campaign extremely easily!

All of that time and effort you spent setting up and auditing your Google Adwords campaign can now be utilized in Bing as well! This is HUGE and so beneficial to all serious companies looking to market themselves successfully online.

Why is Bing a great tool to use in addition to Google Adwords? People still like to use Bing for their search so it will still drive relevant clicks to your website or custom landing page but the clicks are cheaper then on Google Adwords. A great study done by AdGooroo in 2013 showed that Google’s average CPC (Cost Per Click) was about $1.83 per click while Bing’s was about $1.07 per click on the same 6 industries. WoW! So what does that mean? The numbers show that Bing is about 71% cheaper than Google which means you could potentially attain a lower Cost-Per-Lead than on Google, even with a lower search volume

Many SEM agencies and companies largely ignored advertising on Bing because it was viewed less than Google’s network so the time required to set up a successful campaign might not have been worth the end result for some companies but with the ability to import your Google Adwords campaigns into Google, you have no downside to advertising with Bing. In an interesting study done, Google’s average cost-per-click (CPC) has risen 26% since 2012, so it’s only getting more expensive to advertise there.

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