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2018 WEV Workshop Marketing Boot Camp

Thank you so much for letting me present to you and I hope that the time we spent together was helpful and you came away with more knowledge of web design and seo. If you give me your contact details I will send you today’s presentation as well as send you an offer for a personalized 1 on 1 digital stratey session where we can discuss your specific business and how to better your digital marketing whether that be SEO, Web Design or PPC.


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I am offering everyone in attendance a free personalized 1 on 1 strategy session where we can discuss SEO and Web Design.

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Website and General SEO Grader

Want your website’s SEO graded? This is a free tool I offer that will allow you to see how well the search engines are grading your website for a specific keyword. For example, if you are a carpet cleaning company you might enter “carpet cleaning company” and then enter your URL and it will show you where your page is strong and where it can be improved upon.

**Bonus**At the very end of the website audit I will give you a list of tasks you can do to increase your score 🙂

Local Search Engine Optimization

Did you know most people I consult with have at least one wrong phone number online? Imagine the customer experience people are having when they can’t even get a hold of you because of a simple wrong phone number. Did you lose the sale? Get a bad review, etc.? Well, now I have an amazing way to fix this for you. My local search grader is going to help you with exposure in the local map pack / Google maps. Remember we want all of our information to be consistent across the web when it comes to your business name, address, phone and website.

Simply enter your business information and it will scan the web and show you exactly how search engines and people are viewing your business.