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White Hat SEO Woodland Hills

Search Engine Optimization also known as SEO is the most common form of search engine marketing.

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White Hat SEO Woodland Hills

SEO is an acronym for Search Engine Optimization, a practice by which visibility of a website to search engines during a search process is highly improved. A highly optimized website is highly visible to majority of search engines. Black Hat SEO disregards the recommended Google SEO guidelines and are bent on infiltrating Google algorithms so that their web pages are displayed by Google or any other search engines.

Why White Hat SEO is your best option

This means that such a website is visible to many people hence creating awareness about the kind of products and services it offers to users. Secondly, a highly optimized website also is highly ranked in the lists of website in the World Wide Web. Highly ranked websites attract a lot of traffic drive and links from other websites and social media. Some of the major search engines we have in the interned include Google, Yahoo, Bing, Altavista and many others. The social major social media that can drive traffic to your website includes Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin and other dating sites. Websites that cannot be found by these major traffic generators stands to lose many business opportunities.

Components of White Hat SEO

As you plan to optimize your website, it is important to develop user-friendly web pages. Use common terms and keywords easily identifiable by the search engines because it will determine the amount of traffic generated towards your website. In order to develop a search engine friendly website using a white hat SE0 approaches, it is important to understand the technology of majority of the search engines.

Search engine software algorithms in general are highly optimized to read text. This means that non-text character without accompanying text description cannot be read and interpreted during search process and that renders a web page invisible. It is therefore important to ensure search engine friendly characters are used.

Proper title tags and code validations also ensure error free deliver of a web page during a search. Proper linking of web pages using search engine friendly scripts is another factor that will ensure successful search results. There are some search engines that cannot interpret certain scripting languages such as JavaScript.


Adherence to white Hat SEO process in web development as laid down by Google makes navigation very easy. Google developed algorithms to ensure compliance to the White Hat SEO guidelines as far as website contents are concerned. Google argue that as a business, it should endeavor to provide good content to its users. In order to do this it developed algorithms to enable it achieve its objectives to its customers.

Google panda is an algorithm that destroys poor quality content from search results. This means that such web pages are not displayed to the user. Google penguin is another algorithm that fights web pages containing virus, malwares and prevent such pages from being listed for display to the users. This ensures security of all web pages displayed by Google as a search engine. Google crawlers and spiders scan the web page by page and determine which pages adhere to SEO policies and guideline. Web pages with good content are indexed and ranked highly by Google search engine so that any future search made by a user on the same deliver faster. Google regularly updates its algorithm in order to counter modern developments in technology. Google hummingbird came with a conversational module allowing users to use voice in search mode.

Stay Away From Black Hat SEO

Black marketers look for loopholes in the algorithms to ensure that their web pages are displayed in Google search results in malicious disregarding to SEO policies and guidelines. One way they do this is by “link farming”. Link farming distracts a user such that search results are different to the search query. This frustrates a user’s effort to find required information from the Internet.

Black Hat SE0 include all tricks such as stuffing keywords, cloaking, guest posting and many other crooked means to distract users and divert their search to sites they do not need. That is why Google is striving to develop its algorithms in order to remain in business as the best search engine on the World Wide Web.


Your businesses are unique and they have unique goals. That’s the main reason why SEO Agencies carry a wide range of online digital marketing solutions which are aimed at helping you reach those set goals. Is it high quality traffic that you require? With White Hat SEO services, you will always get the right guests frequenting your site. Regardless of goals, Search Engine Optimization will help you to reach and even surpass those goals.

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