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PPC Weekly Task List

This is what you can expect from our PPC Management campaigns on a weekly basis.

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Google Adwords Management

25 Point Weekly Management Checklist

Our Account Managers make changes in the accounts on a weekly basis.  Below is our 25 point checklist for account management. We take action on all necessary tasks, but not all tasks will require an action on a weekly basis.

Account WideAddress relevant Google alerts.
Account WideInvestigate any dramatic drops in impressions, clicks, position, etc.
SettingsReview Search Partners’ performance and disable if not performing well.
BudgetAnalyze budget pacing for remainder of the month.
BudgetCheck prior 7 day budget.
BudgetImpressions share analysis.
KeywordsReview top performing keywords.
KeywordsReview top spending keywords.
KeywordsPause poor performing keywords.
KeywordsDeduplicate keywords.
KeywordsAdd long tail keyword phrases from the search query report.
KeywordsDrop bids on high spending, non converting, high positioned keywords.
KeywordsIncrease bids on good quality, high ROAS keywords.
KeywordsResearch and apply negative keywords.
BidsIdentify opportunities to reduce costs.
BidsCompare and analyze average positions and CPCs.
BidsAdjust bids on low position, low quality score keywords.
BidsEvaluate mobile bid performance, and adjust modifier up or down accordingly.
BidsEvaluate location bid modifiers if present, and adjust modifier up or down accordingly.
Ad CopyAdjust ad copy on low position, low quality score keywords.
Ad CopyTest new ad copy/ad groups on low position, low quality score keywords.
Ad CopyReview ad copy tests that have collected adequate data, and pause non-performers. (always ensure at least two ads per ad group are live, though)
Ad CopyWrite new ad copy variations where needed.
Ad CopyBuild out new ad groups based on high converting search terms as needed. (in terms of not being met by exisiting ad copy).
PlacementsReview placement report for non-performing, high-spending placements to be excluded.

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Campaign Structure

  • Keyword Coverage
  • Match Types
  • Negatives
  • Keyword Specificity
  • Site-link Relevance
  • Device Breakdown

Display Advertising

  • Targeted Display Campaigns
  • Remarketing
  • Contextual, Site Targeting & Interest Categories

Ad Copy

  • Keyword to Ad Copy Granularity
  • Extended Headlines
  • Competitive Performance

Ecommerce Advertising

  • Product Listing Ads/Extensions
  • PLA Targeting
  • PLA Offers

Advanced Targeting 


After the conclusion of the Pay Per Click Audit we will then be able to sit down with you and put together a custom proposal to figure out exactly what you need to compete at the highest level of paid search advertising.

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