Professional Search Engine Optimization Services

Blue Fusion Digital offers many different SEO services to our clientele and the reason is there is so many websites that need so many different things. For example if you once had great keyword coverage in the organic search results but in the lat few years you have lost all of your rankings you should look into our Google Penalty Assessment Services. Another scenario we see a lot, maybe your website has not lost any of your rankings but your website and landing pages have never been able to reach the first page of search results, we would point you too our SEO Assessment services.  If you are seeking more knowledge into the world of search engine optimization we also offer seo training courses and seo consulting services.


SEO Assessment Services

SEO Assessment Services – Blue Fusion Digital offers a search engine optimization assessment that covers a wide range of measurements. Such as current keyword selection, current rankings, inbound linking profile, outbound linking profile, inner linking strategies, quality of content, title tag and meta description tag review. We then break down your competition for those keywords and check the linking profiles, quality of content and title tags and meta descriptions of your competitors. Essentially, we can reverse engineer what strategies are working best for which companies for specific keywords. This is the competitive digital marketing analysis service you have needed to gain the upper hand in the search engines and it is now available from Ventura County’s best digital marketing agency, Blue Fusion Digital.

Google Penalty Assessment – Since 2011 Google has created, updated and refreshed there algorithms over 1,500 times! April of 2011 was the first real major shake up to the algorithms and they named it Panda. The Panda algorithm update focused on websites with low quality content such as keyword stuffing, thin content and text that was the same color as the back ground which would sometimes fool search engines.

Later in 2011, Google launched another algorithm change and they called this one Penguin. The focus on Penguin was to target websites that had shady link building practices such as, porn links, gambling links, drug links and any links that were not relevant to the page it was linking too. This new algorithm completely shook up the internet, many search engine optimization companies completely shut down operations because they could never recover the rankings for there clients.  Websites that had always implemented white hat search engine optimization services became even stronger in the search results and many of those companies still remain on the top of the search engines today.

If you were hit by one of these algorithm updates you will have noticed a severe if not complete drop off in your rankings and web traffic somewhere between April of 2011 and today. You should have been alerted in your Google Webmaster Tools of any penalty whether it be from a algorithm change or a manual action penalty that was handed out to you by someone at Google.

Blue Fusion Digital offers both Panda penalty assessment services and Penguin penalty assessment services that start with an audit and consultation of which update might have caused your website to be hit and what we can do to get your rankings back.

Professional SEO Consultation – If your business already has a in-house seo team in place handling your internet marketing optimization but would like a white hat seo consultant service provided to you to consult on a specific project or strategy, we can help you. For example if your team is very comfortable doing search engine optimization services and  pay per click management but online reputation management isn’t something they have done before, Blue Fusion Digital can assist with your strategy and show your team how to execute the ORM campaign.

SEO Training Classes – Blue Fusion Digital offers complete in person SEO training classes in Agoura Hills, Simi Valley and Newbury Park, CA. Another option we have is to conduct all of your seo training classes online via Go To Meetings or Join.Me. These training classes will provide you with a greater understanding of the digital marketing landscape as a whole and will dive into specific genres of internet marketing optimization including: SEO, PPC, Local Search, SEO friendly web design and Reputation Management.

If you are interested in any of our SEO Services please contact us at (619)363-5003.