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White Hat Private Link Network

There is many different types of link building available in today’s digital marketing world. We are sure you have heard of many of them things such as: guest blogging, link exchanges, press release distribution, video syndication, community outreach, etc.

All of those are great options and can result in great rewards in regards to your search result rankings. Another amazing way to get great links is through private linking networks.

How do we build our private White Hat Link network?

Blue Fusion Digital seeks out and purchases strong and aged domains that their previous owners didn’t re-new or let expire.

All of these domains are from different niches including domains that Google, Bing and Yahoo really love including former non-profit companies, website communities and even government projects! The best part of these domains is they all have great website authority and have been collecting organic back links through the years and the search engines hold them in high regards, in other words these hand picked websites and domains already have a huge amount of ORGANIC back links that are niche and industry relevant.

Details about our unique site network:

– Sites are from Page Rank 1 – 6

– Citation and Trust Flow range from 25-36

– Each site is hosted on a different hosting provider. We don’t use ‘SEO hosts’

– Sites are aged and some are even 10 years old.

– We spread the IP address of the domains around the world. 50% are in the USA.

-Our network consists of many site platforms not just blogs.

Below are the types of sites in our private network.. keep in mind we are always adding more!

Video Sharing Website (Private Network)

Blue Fusion Digital will create a professional video of your website and place it first on YouTube with your backlink. From there we own a PR 4 private video sharing site, where we will also place your video with a backlink to your site. Syndication is a great way to rack up these valuable organic back links.

Ask and Answer Website (Private Network)

Blue Fusion Digital owns a Yahoo-style ask & answer website which can provide solid organic backlinks and are also part of a natural backlink profile. We have our own private PR 3 ask & answer site, where we will ask a question related to the topic of your site and one of the answers will contain your backlink.

Social Profile Link (Private Network)

Blue Fusion Digital has created our own PR 4 private social network where we will place your backlink. This is not something you will find anywhere else, you will get this unique backlink with us!

Wiki Website (Private Network)

Don’t get misunderstand this description, this is not a public spam wiki site that is dime a dozen. Blue Fusion Digital owns a powerful, private wiki site where we are the only ones that can post. This results in a truly amazing inbound link!

Magazine Style Website (Private Network)

Blue Fusion Digital owns a magazine style website that is very authoritative. This particular magazine style website, gets crawled by Google multiple times per day which equates to your links getting indexed very quickly!

Template Sponsorship (Private Network)

Blue Fusion Digital owns a website with huge authority which offers various templates for WordPress and this domain already has thousands of backlinks! We keep posting new templates and we will list your site as the sponsor of one of these templates! This equates to multiple natural organic backlinks!

Software Listing (Private Network)

When you think of websites like www.pcworld.com and www.cnet.com you understand they are some of the strongest types of sites on the web and the search engines love them. Blue Fusion Digital owns an aged software review site and we will place your backlinks on a software listing.

Business Listing Website (Private Network)

You will get a backlink from our private business listing directory, where important businesses are listed together with their NAP (Name, Address, Phone Number) profile, You can either provide us with the real address of your business etc., or we will add your site with a fake address to maintain your privacy.

E-Book Website (Private Network)

Blue Fusion Digital runs a online eBook dictionary site and we will place your link on it.