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Blue Fusion Digital’s (RMS) Review Marketing System is a game changer for those of us require a great reputation for our businesses to thrive. We have created a turn key solution for you to collect and market your reviews so you can really shine online!

So many business owners have stacks of testimonials and reviews in a filing cabinet somewhere from satisfied clients but unfortunately nobody sees those positive reviews because they are not online. That changes now! With our RMS you can now upload your client’s email addresses and start collecting reviews in just minutes.

Don’t just collect reviews though, make sure you are only gaining positive reviews to publicly show up on various review websites. Accomplish by sending them through our custom feedback page which automatically filters our bad reviews before they have a chance to go live.

Our RMS doesn’t just stop there though, once we collect those amazing 5 star reviews we want to make sure those reviews get exposure and that you can leverage them to generate more clients!

We market these in a variety of ways including to your website, social media platforms and these amazing client review commercials!

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Custom Feedback Page

Email Marketing Campaign

Client Review Commercial