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Automated Review Collection

A business is only as good as it’s reputation, let us help you collect reviews with a turn key solution!

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Blue Fusion Digital has developed an awesome review collecting system I am so excited to share with you. The results we have seen have been incredible!

On average for about every 100 emails we send out through our review collecting email funnel we have about a 35-60% open rate (for email marketing that is incredible), about 20% clicked the link to go to our feedback page and 13% leave us feedback and 2-6% leave the reviews on public directories.

The way these email review marketing campaigns work is it’s broken down into 3 separate campaigns that can equate to as many as 8 total touches.

Campaign 1. – is up to 3 total email’s, this email is designed to ask people to visit your feedback page to collect a review. If at anytime a person clicks on the button in the email that takes them to your feedback page they will be automatically taken out of the first campaign and put into one of the following two campaigns based on their actions.

Campaign 2a. – If the person clicks on the feedback button and leaves you private feedback but not a public review they will be taken to the “thank you” sequence that can be up to another 3 emails. This sequence thanks your clients for leaving you the feedback but also asks them and gives them instructions on how to make the review public by copying the initial feedback they left and the links to the public review sites such as Google, Yelp, Facebook.

Campaign 2b. – If the person clicks on the feedback page but does not finish they review they are taken to a separate campaign that asks them to finish the feedback that they didn’t finish. This campaign is a maximum of  2 emails. If the person finishes the feedback but does not leave it on a public directory they are automatically put into the “thank you campaign” we spoke about in campaign 2a.

  • The amazing thing about my email CRM is that it is so smart, if a person at anytime leaves you a public review they will automatically be taken out of the email review sequence.
  • The system checks for duplicates, which ensures the same people won’t keep getting added which let’s you rest comfortably knowing you aren’t pestering your clients.
  • You can track all of analytics of the email campaigns just like the picture above.

If the person decides to leave a bad review, the system re-directs them to a landing page that lets them vent out their frustrations in our internal system so they do not post them publicly on the web!

Best of all this review email marketing system is a turn key solution so it is completely hands off!

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