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Internet Marketing Optimization Company

Blue Fusion Digital is unlike any other internet marketing optimization company you will come across and we firmly believe that. What separates us from your previous digital marketing agency? Not only do we offer professional search engine optimization, pay per click management, online reputation management, web analytics, social media marketing, SEO Web Design and SEO Friendly Web Architecture.

Blue Fusion Digital wants to become your trusted resource for information and instructions on do it yourself search engine optimization. Why would we provide so much detailed information for both clients and non-clients? Because we are a fully transparent internet marketing optimization company and we practice what we preach, we implement and use the same white hat search engine optimization techniques that we teach our clients.

Small businesses, medium sized businesses and large corporations are constantly being contacted about their internet marketing campaigns. Digital marketing agencies will find you in a variety of different ways and typically the marketing consultants will tell you that whatever you are doing right now is wrong for your business or there is a better service to be had and whichever way they find you they will try and convince you that the way you are currently doing internet marketing is not correct. For example if you are marketing via Google Adwords, you are likely to receive solicitation calls from a internet marketing optimization company because they know you are actively marketing online already. We are not going to throw anybody or any company’s names through the mud because we take online reputation management very seriously, but not every company is reaching out to you with your best interest at heart. Blue Fusion Digital hopes to lay everything out for you so everything is clear and concise, enabling you to make the best and most informed decision for your company in regards to which which internet marketing avenues are going to be the most successful and profitable  for you.

Search Engine Optimization

The organic search results are the most sought after and are only achieved through Search Engine Optimization. The reason the organic search results are so highly competitive is due to the fact it costs much less of an investment to achieve a higher placement and organic search results have proven to receive somewhere between 70%-85% percent of all web clicks coming from search engines. We offer many high quality seo resources for you to educate yourself on but this intro to page on the introduction to search engine optimization is a great place to start. We want to remind you that you are always welcome to give us a call or drop by our office, we are the premier internet marketing company in Agoura Hills and we would love to give you a tour of our humble operation.


Search Engine Optimization


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Pay Per Click 

Another popular digital marketing avenue to explore is the Pay Per Click or PPC advertisements. These are the ads that automatically appear on the top of the search results and if the term is competitive enough they will also display on the bottom and the right hand side of the search result pages. Google, Bing and Yahoo also will either write the word “Ad” next to them or change the color of the background on these results to make sure people understand that they are paid advertisements. The benefit of running a Pay Per Click campaign is the fact that you prominently appear on the first page of search results for your keywords and various other versions of them. The downside to PPC Internet Marketing is that you are paying money every time someone clicks on one your paid ads and lands on your website. Pay Per Click can be the best solution for short term ROI. When you consider your many options of internet marketing it is easy to get enticed by free offers from Google Adwords such as “free $100.00 in ad spend when you sign up” this seems like a great deal, but what most people do not understand is how intricate a PPC campaign can be when we conduct our Pay Per Click Audit. We cover each potential aspect of your Google adwords campaigns such as negative keywords, mobile device selection, Geo-targeting, A/B split testing, etc. The point is, if you are not careful about it, you can waste your paid search budget very quickly. If you are considering a Paid Search Campaign, please contact us and let us provide you some additional tips and information as well as an audit.

Reputation Management

Reputation Management is one digital marketing platform that people often overlook until it is too late. What does that even mean? Companies often wait until they have a poor reputation online before they consider doing online reputation management, but that sort of thinking makes you a reactive company rather then a proactive company. This economy shows us you need to be proactive in all of your business practices. How can you be a proactive company when it comes to reputation management? Let’s make sure everyone understands what online reputation management really is. ORM is the process of burying negative results into the deeper pages of the major search engines. For example websites such as Rip Off Report, Pissed Consumer and Complaints Board all have the necessary ranking factors to appear on the first page of the search results. Our reputation management professionals will review with you what keywords are being effected in the search results to make sure you are investing in worthwhile terms.

For example, a lawyer, let’s call him Joe Smith, Joe has his own law firm and he while doing his job he won a case for his client. Great job Joe! The problem is when Joe won the case the opposition writes a negative, slanderous and derogatory complaint against him and posts this on a review website and within a day or two this report is now appearing very high on the first page of the search results. This isn’t fair right? Joe just did his job and now his reputation is being slandered every time anybody searches for “laywer joe smith”. However, when you type in “the law offices of Joe Smith”, this report does not appear on the first page of search results. We would then inform Mr. Smith that it is incredibly important to focus on the keyword “lawyer Joe Smith” and not focus as much on the other keyword “the law offices of Joe Smith” although you should keep an eye on it.

Local Search Engine Optimization 

Also known as LSEO, is the process of achieving rankings in the Google Local Listings portion of organic search results. These particular search results are meant for businesses who either are in or service the local area designated by either keyword or geo-modifier. The advantage of these particular search results they display your local businesses Name, Address, Phone Number and reviews when applicable. You don’t have to worry about national brands dominating these search results unless that have physical location in your area.

Web Design

Like anything else you are trying to build, you need to start with a solid foundation.  When it comes to internet marketing optimization, your foundation is your website. A common mistake we hear on a daily basis is people thinking since they have a beautiful website it automatically should do well in the search engines. The thing to keep in mind is that there are many talented graphic web designers in the world today which is fantastic because you can get a great looking website for a fair investment, however not all graphic designers and web developers have the necessary knowledge to build a website with SEO friendly website architecture.  A website that looks beautiful that is not properly structured will struggle to get maximum rankings because the search engines will have a difficult time indexing your information. A proper website should have a major theme and separate sub-topics that help strengthen that overall theme.